Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Decor: Pugly

Oh my goodness Pinterest!! When I first stumbled upon the website I am thinking..."Wow, this makes me feel like a terrible cook and that my house needs a complete revamp...and I don't do enough in my day." Then my panic subsided and I found some really great ideas, classroom festivities and low key meals, crafts, etc. that I could manage. *Let's all remember though that my first Pinterest recipe testing almost burned down a friend's new home.

When the holidays rolled around, it got a little Pugly (when Pinterest takes over your existence) with a list of ideas a mile long, but I was able to complete a few and include Miller in the festivities.

Idea One: 1st Christmas Ornament

Why You Really Should Think Before You Tackle This One:

Much mischief will take long does it take to respool rolls and rolls of ribbon? Quite awhile!
Paint in the hand of a 10 month old. I think I am still finding little dots of blue paint on my clothing and the floor.

Why It is Completely Worth It: Because there is nothing sweeter than a baby's chubby soft little hands!

Idea Two: Reindeer Feet on Canvas

Why You Really Should Think Before You Tackle This One:

I am just grateful brown is a fantastic accent color to my tan carpet.
Nothing like freaking out the kids when the paint turns the water brown in the bathtub. Nothing like scrubbing your bathtub for a lengthy amount of time.

Why It is Completely Worth It:

It just doesn't get much more cute than these? Another great personalized Christmas item to enjoy for years to come.

Other Pinterest Ideas:

North Pole Breakfast courtesy of our Elves on the Shelves. I cannot take any credit for this, was only the beneficiary. The Peterson girls have some very crafty and clever elves. I have heard many mommas say their elves are living at the Peterson's next year.

Frames for ornaments on the tree. We did this for Miller's tree this year. I absolutely loved the idea and think we will continue to do this every Christmas by adding onto it. Can you imagine how fun it will be as the years go on??

Natural wrapping with pics for labels. Andrew claimed even on Christmas Day that he didn't understand the labeling system, made me giggle. The recipient of gift had a picture of them from the year. This was a one time only deal. Really really pretty, took a lot of time.
Cranberry Christmas Margaritas. A hit at both holiday parties we hosted. I took the original recipe from Pinterest and added Sunkist to it (the secret weapon to any delicious margarita). We included vintage paper straws from Hey YoYo with PDF printable flags that I personalized for each party.

I also got the idea from Pinterest for the mantle Santa painting I posted last week. One thing I did not complete but will make sure I do next year is a birthday cake for Baby Jesus. I think it is the perfect way to help explain to a child the meaning of Christmas.

Will it ever get Pugly in my house again for the holidays? No, honestly I don't think it will. I was on the adrenaline high of "It's Miller's First Christmas." But, I guess you just never know!

Friday, December 23, 2011

So Very Joyful

What a wonderful holiday season it has been so far!! I would love to say my house is in perfect condition, holiday goodies are baked and every present is wrapped and under the tree...not the case, but we have had such a great few days, my to-do list isn't scaring me. Christmas vacation started Wednesday for myself and my Bulldog family; we were all ready for a break from academia and I know we will all come back fresh and ready to go. A short trip to see my grandparents, holiday parties and Christmas Eve Eve grocery and stocking stuffer shopping have filled our time (someone remind me next year that shopping on Christmas Eve Eve is not for the faint of heart and let's be honest...I am of the faint at heart). I will post pics from all of our happenings after Christmas.

One of my absolute FAVORITE things about the holidays is Christmas cards. Some would now argue that Facebook and other social media have taken the fun out of the holiday card but I would beg to differ. Yes, we look at pics of friends and family every time we check status updates but there is something classic and warming about the holiday card, just like receiving a handwritten note or thank you card. I will always hold firm that Christmas cards should be sent every year no matter how much social media hangs out in our daily life. It was extra special to Andrew and I this year as we were able to show off our little shorty. Chris Stinson is the photographer for our cards. We love Chris and have a great appreciation for his talent. Here is the front and back of the card:

Andrew and I are so excited about the first Christmas with our son. I hope everyone has a so very Merry Christmas with family and friends!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decor Part 1

My sweet boy(11 months old today) has been pretty sick. Our big job this week as parents was to learn how to use a nebulizer to help M breath better. It is certainly helping him and he and I both cry a little less during the treatments as time goes on (the first time we gave it to him I think I cried as hard as he did). Even though it's tough watching your kids get sick during the winter we know we are extremely lucky that this is what we are dealing with as linked to his prematurity. We remind ourselves we could be in a much harder position had he not done so well in the NICU.

Anyways, between Miller bring sick and Christmas card season for Razzberry Ink, I haven't had much time to decorate. I was finally able to get on the ball this weekend.

Our mantle:

I painted the Santa onto plywood I found in our garage...Pinterest inspired of course...

Our family tree:

I wanted to get a taller tree this year. I am honesty glad I didn't now but will definitely need it next year:)

I lloovvee ribbon, can you tell?!

My new tree topper

I sewed this tree skirt for us. I have always had a hard time trying to find a skirt I love so it made more sense to make it this year. Monogram It in Springdale did the name embroidering.

Maybe I should put plastic ornaments on the bottom...

Our banister:
Usually my banister is wild with glitter twigs and sprigs but I was getting burnt out on it and now with Rollin Dolan, I just didn't think glitter all over the floor was a good idea. In past holidays, Andrew and I battled over family ornaments on the Christmas tree. The compromise was two trees, but this year I had an idea. I decided we would put all our family ornaments on the banister garland. I really loved how it turned out (even with the Hallmark ornaments). Here are some of my favs:

From my first Christmas

Hop on Pop. Andrew gave me this ornament one year before we were engaged and said he hoped that would be him with our kids some day...I love that man!!

Hootie Hoo!!

1st Christmas ornament for Miller from Mom Sylvia. She gave us our first married Christmas ornament six years ago and now a pram for our Miller. These have so much importance to me and I love a daily reminder of Mom.

I saved the best for last. It isn't vintage but it is certainly a family ornament. Being in the hospital during the holidays last year made gift purchasing a little difficult. My sweet friends and family would go shopping for me and if it wasn't local I could order online. I had gotten stuck on one present. Andrew and I have given each other an ornament on Christmas for around a decade now. There are some beautiful ornaments, funny ornaments and inside joke ornaments...but this one is the best of the best and I cannot take credit for it. I sent Brooke out on a mission to find Andrew an ornament with no idea in mind. She said she searched and searched with no luck. She was walking by the personalized ornament kiosk in the mall and that is when she spotted it. It was an "our new home" ornament. Since #20 at Willow Creek had become our home for six weeks, this was absolutely perfect. She had the worker put the year and #20 on the door. We will never forget that holiday, that year, that adventure...and there isn't a better way to reminisce and recall gratitude for our blessings (and of course some good laughs) then this ornament. We love!!!

Have lots more fun to blog once we get out of finals week. I just can't believe Miller is 11 months!!! *I think I say that every month!!!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


When you look at your child and think "I can't believe he's mine." Here's to a lifetime filled with #thatmoment.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I just walked downstairs as my two boys are snuggled up on a chair next to Miller's first Christmas tree. When you imagine having a child, I feel with almost utmost certainty, you envision the holidays with them. The season has a new magic to it that floats in our home and hearts. As with all great ideas in the past few months, Pinterest gave me the inspiration for Miller's tree. All the ornaments are frames with pics of Miller with friends and family. My sister, Celia, helped me with circle garland. We are so thankful for all the amazing people in our lives. Here are some pics (didn't take one of every frame)

My boys...oh how I love...

Not a typical tree topper but this Santa was too cute!

His little tree skirt I made him

Of course I had to put one of Miller's first Bulldog game:)

Have to quit blogging and continue decorating!!! Love and Hugs!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Little Piggies are No Longer Home & Double Digitly Delightful!

It's official! We have only approximately 290 days until the next Razorback Football game in Fayetteville (one more home game in LR this weekend). It has without a doubt flown by. We kicked off the weekend with a birthday celebration at Theo's for our dear friend Stephanie, Happy Day Friend! We had a great time and were able to catch up with friends from out of town, it was so fun (not quite as fun when Miller woke up in the morning, but we are learning we are not college kids anymore)!

You just never know who you might run into:)

We realized we had not been out on Dickson Street for a Friday night since we had Miller, wow...!!!

For those of you who know me well, you know I have a deep love for football, LLLOOVVVEEE it (really high school and college, not much for the NFL)! I had really had my heart set on bringing Miller to a game this year. He is at such a fun age and is so curious about all the things around him. We had decided earlier in the week that we would bring him to the last home game. I was beyond excited. I packed his diaper bag to perfection with all things warm and cozy and plenty of food to keep him happy. We were heading up to the stadium to tailgate when I received two different texts from friends in the Pit who said the wind was so out of control. When we got to the Boerner's House, Andrew and I had a discussion and decided that although our seats would be blocked from the wind, we didn't even want to give him any reason to get sick. I was so close to tearing up, which seems so silly, but in the end we made the best decision. We snuggled up in our pjs on the couch and enjoyed the Hogs victory together, it was perfect (the other perk was the ability to rewind the dvr no less than 10 times to rewatch Joe Adam's incredible punt return and Jarius Wright's beautiful juggle/complete pass). We just don't get to snuggle up as a family enough so I am so glad we had that night (but I promise, that boy will be at a game next year)! Here are some pics from the day and at the Boerners:

He wouldn't let me put it on him but he loved it! Oink! Oink!

Sweet Bennett hadn't had much sleep
and later we found out he was sick, but
he is always so stinking cute! I was having
him check himself out in the mirror of the
phone. Look at those eyelashes!!
M with the birthday girl, Aunt Steph!
Such cute little piggies!

Pre-game chill out
What is it with boys and their remotes??!!
I don't stand a chance at ever controlling the
tv with these two!!

3 Pairs of Happy Feet!

Miller turned 10 months old today!!! What!? How can this be? He is such a tremendous joy and has filled our life with so much happiness and love. It seems like he has changed a significant amount from 9 months to now. He is still the happiest, smiliest, babbling little tiny but developmentally he really changed. Miller still wasn't rolling over, which didn't scare us too much as we, our doctor and a couple of PTs believed he had enough strength, but with prematurity there can be a delay in milestones. All the sudden three weeks ago, he became Rollin' Dolan, that boy is all over the place! Then last week he decided he was ready to attempt crawling. It is pretty adorable and slightly scary as we are now constantly saying "No Miller, don't pull the curtains down" No Miller, lets not try to grab the nightlight in the hallway" No Miller, it really isn't a good idea to crawl into Bear's kennel" Needless to say the moment it occurred we headed down to Target to buy any and all things labeled for baby proofing. He hasn't quite realized the power he has acquired and doesn't go too far but I am going to give that about another week. He still is babbling a ton...lots of mamas...He is getting lots of hair and we are in the middle of another round of teething. I am currently watching him in the video monitor and thinking its about time for him to wake up so I can give him more medicine.

The monthly pics are getting much more

We hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Child of a government teacher...;)

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