Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend: All in Black and White

Last weekend was really great...and it had it's own color theme. Saturday night we threw a party for our friends Stephanie and Jimbo, who are getting married in May. Michelle and Brandon opened up their beautiful home for our Black, White and Bubbly party: black and white attire required. Everyone looked fantastic in their swag (lots of stylish boyfriend blazers), we had delicious food and lots of laughs. I made my friend Camille's hot chicken salad cups and Michelle's mom's sopapilla cheesecake squares. Here are some pics from the evening.

The food table
Koozies are the best party favor! You can never have too many.
Having a drink before our guests arrive.
Stephanie wore a fabulous multi-colored romper.
It's nice to visit with dear high school friends
Stephanie, Anna, Sarah, myself, Theresa
My cute hubby!

The next day was a big tennis day at our household. Andrew had his second match on his FAC 3.0 team. They swept their Shadow Valley opponents 5-0. Later in the day I had my first match!!! I was so nervous; besides dance competition in high school I have never competed in an organized sport. I am the captain of our team (not because of talent, just because I am organized). Our team picked out a sharp black and white Nike outfit, so even if we lost we knew we would look good losing:) Lauren and I played doubles against a good team. We got a late start and were down 1-5 in the first set. My heart was pounding out of my chest but Lauren and I were able to get into a groove and came back 5-5. We eventually lost the first set 7-5 but won the second set 6-4. We were excited but still had to play a tiebreak. We were down in the tiebreak 1-6 but came back and won 11-9. We were so happy!!! Our team won the match and went to Mojitos to celebrate. I am not super great at tennis but I really love it and it has been great for Andrew and I to go out and play together.
Lauren, Mary Lauren and our tennis coach: Bobby
Big winners!
2.0 Bring It!

This weekend we had a nice time in Hot Springs with the family. Our niece and nephew are growing up so quickly!!! This week is going to be full of tennis, spirit buses and Dallas!!! We will be back on the road down to Van Buren for Bulldog Basketball as they enter the state tournament as the 5 seed. I am hoping to see our boys win some games. Then this weekend, some friends and I will be headed to Dallas for Anna's bachlorette party. Hope everyone has a nice, productive week. Love, Ali

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh my, time flies when it snows outside...

It seems like at least once a week since the first week of January I have a snow day. Don't get me wrong, having a day off is great but after a few times and my summer vacation being shortened slowly and slowly, I can only wish for spring to arrive. We have been busy playing tennis, bumping up the cardio (its nice to see the numbers on the scale go down again), spending time with friends and enjoying the arrival of our new couch (for those who know our now famous Christmas Party Horror Story, it took over 6 weeks to get our new item to lounge upon). Work has been great minus the kids' senioritous. The students and teachers at SHS are all having a good semester in academics, sports, music, etc. I couldn't ask for a better job. I hope everyone is having a happy February.

Love and hugs, Ali

This girl can sleep!
Bear was very over me grading the kids' essay tests.
Snuggling out in the snow.
Bear and Andrew on our snow adventure.
Just wanted to brag on SHS students and their tremendous school spirit. They make me laugh all day long.