Thursday, December 16, 2010

Luckiest Girl in the World

Regardless of my groundhogs day moment every morning when I wake up in the hospital, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have the most amazing husband. He is so good to me and is doing an exceptional job taking care of me. It has been quite entertaining to send him out to buy me something like a bra (wow...what I would have done to watch that occur...the bra could have fit my head as a hat...I laughed so hard I cried), or trying to explain to him what a velour suit is and how to pick one out (will be witnessing his purchase later tonight). My friends have been beyond anything I can say or describe. Visits, nail paintings, hair cuts, lunch, memory foam matresses pad for Andrew, a nice tv, controversial Christmas decor (hospital rules aren't very giving in the way of Christmas trees) and lots of laughs have made the stay so far seem fairly easy. My doctor and nurses are my saviors and have been so unbelievably good to me. I am sure I provide plenty of entertainment with my guests, make-shift hair salon, etc. Above all else, I have a sweet little busy body in my belly you has minded him parents and stayed put for almost two weeks. Miller, we can't wait to see you but we will wait unit January 25th!! :)

I am sitting here watching 16 and could be much worse. These poor girls who think babies are easy, their boyfriends will grow up and that it will be easy to graduate and go to college, it is so sad to see when reality hits them. I have been addicted to this show for years and continue to have my addiction in the hospital.

Here are some funny pics from our stay so far:
Camille giving me a fabulous haircut!!
I had to take a wheelchair ride so my newly cut and styled hair could have an outing
Jess came to visit and had no idea what she was going to walk into. Haircuts and Leslie selling her Stella and Dot jewelry, which is super cute. Jessica was able to multitask in my room:)
Shea putting in the newer, nicer tv. We can actually see the screen. Thanks Petersons!
Friends coming to visit.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Unexpected

You read blogs of pregnant girls, families, and others all the time. Your heart goes out to those who are having some trouble and pray for them and hope it doesn't happen to you. My water broke this Saturday evening with Miller being less than 27 weeks. We were annoyed in the ER when they said we wouldn't be released for an hour after the test results came back fine which makes me laugh so much now because little did we know.:) I was leaking amniotic fluid and was admitted into Willow Creek right away. I will be here for the duration of the pregnancy and we are hoping to keep him cooking for 7 weeks and then the doctors will induce at 34 weeks. My friends, family and husband have been unbelievably supportive and fun. My room is decorated with lots of Christmas cheer and I am never for a lack of conversation as so many friends come visit and keep me company. My friends have been soooo amazing! I have small moments when I start to cry because I am scared for Miller or miss sleeping in bed with Andrew or I miss my students terribly but I know there are so many worse situations in the world. We have always had such a blessed life and that has not changed. Miller is going to be a healthy, strong baby, I can just feel it. We want to thank everyone for all of the prayers, kind thoughts, gifts, meals, etc. Andrew, Miller and I are the luckiest people in the world.

Just a little promotion of Willow Creek: I cannot imagine a nicer facility with better nurses or doctors. I love all my nurses. I love visiting with them and get excited when they are back from their shifts. Dr. Hinton, Dr. Seale, Dr. Patridge and all the doctors from Parkhill have been so informative and helpful. We are certainly in the best hands in Arkansas. The NICU here is also exceptional. We feel very prepared for what might be up ahead.

Here are some pics of what we had been up to before this all happened:
This was the day we went in the hospital in the morning. Bear had her head on my belly. She never really does that. I am a firm believer that dogs have incredible intuition and I think maybe she knew something was going to happen that day.
Andrew putting together Miller's crib
Almost 24 weeks here

My Belly Club kiddos

At Dallas Cowboy Stadium
We had a great weekend with friends in Dallas for the Hog game vs. A&M. It may be the hardest I have laughed in my entire life.
CSC: Dream Big Event
This was last night: my first ride in a wheelchair. It was our "Friday Night Date" We went and toured the NICU and got to take a ride around Willow Creek. It was a beautiful night. Theresa brought Bear up to me today and I got to meet her outside and give her lots of hugs. It was a great day. We had an ultrasound this morning. I have 5 cm of fluid and Miller weights 2 lbs 8 oz. I am so proud of how tough he is! He is happy, healthy and growing.

Love and hugs to everyone. Will probably be posting a lot more, have plenty of time in the hospital to do it:)