Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here's Hoping

1. I hope Miller's crib will be here soon. I can hardly wait for Andrew and I to put it together and to put his finished bumpers in it. Seems very official.

2. Now that I have given my blog a much needed face-lift, I hope I will post more often.

3. I hope I can catch up at work after being sick in bed for two days.

It's the little things, isn't it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Bun in the Oven: Andrew Miller Dolan

I am making myself laugh as I think about how when I originally started this blog that I thought "This will be great, one day when we are pregnant, I will keep everyone updated on how the baby is progressing, nursery decor and other things." Well, now at almost 23 weeks I guess I can get started.

We are so blessed to have a little boy growing in my stomach. I have always wanted to use my maiden name when we got pregnant and if we were having a little boy. When we found out at 16 weeks, we didn't even have to think twice about his name. We also wanted to include Andrew in his name so originally it was going to be Miller Andrew Dolan, but then we realized his initials would be MAD and I just didn't think that was a good idea (Andrew thought it would make him an NFL star). I asked my students who go by their middle name if it bothered them and they said it did not so he is going to be a middle name man and Miller it will be. At our 20 week appointment we were able to see that he is very healthy, happy and was kicking his feet up to touch his forehead. We were laughing so much. He has a little extra fluid in one of his kidneys so we will have another ultrasound in two weeks to make sure the fluid hasn't grown. Dr. Hinton said it was nothing to be alarmed over and we just feel so happy he is doing so well.

Being pregnant is interesting, like an alien takes over your body. You just don't feel like yourself. I am tired all the time and cannot remember anything which has made for some hysterical moments in my classroom. My kids are patient with me and they love the little guy already. They make me laugh as they talk about the progression of my belly growth and oddly enough most pregnancy questions come from my boys. It's very entertaining.

My belly is certainly becoming large and in charge but I am getting used to it. I am trying to stay active: walking, playing tennis, etc. I know I am not going to be the pregnant girl who only gains weight in her belly and you can't tell she is even pregnant from the back, but I am okay with that. I know I will have the ability to lose the weight and the outcome will be well worth-it. I can already picture pushing him in the jogging stroller after school and I will have the summer with him to try to get back into good shape.

His nursery is progressing. My parents were very nice and have painted his room and bathroom. His room is cadet gray and his bathroom is pumpkin custard and grass green. I really love it. We have ordered his crib and I am finishing his bumpers. Sarah and I took this on as a project for our boys and I think it was a great idea. Sarah's are finished and look fabulous! These boys are going to have great rooms. I have his chair and ottoman in a sky blue microsuede and just ordered peekaboo nesting side tables from CB2 for next to the chair. I will post pics as we start really progressing.

We have lots of pregnant friends which is really fun. Lots of girls to share information, questions, etc. I am very excited about the holidays and know it is going to make pregnancy really start to fly by. Hope everyone is well. We are about to head out to Gusano's to watch the Hoggies beat South Carolina. Happy Saturday!

Love and Hugs,