Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're Marching for Babies

I know you will never believe this, but sometimes I just can't seem to get everything done for our little family... ba ha ha, so hard to believe!

One thing I have been meaning to do but just now got organized was join the Willow Creek team in March for Babies this Saturday.  We did this last year in gratitude to everyone who helped us get our sweet boy to health and because we learned the frustration and pain prematurity can cause families.  We are walking again this year with our Willow Creek peeps and I am very excited for Miller to take part.  

I am not very good about asking for money for any reason, I always shy away from the fundraising committee for any event.  I can admit it isn't my strong suit, however I feel very strongly about March of Dimes and raising awareness and prevention of prematurity.  I know we will never really have a clear answer on why my water broke so early into my pregnancy but in most cases there are reasons that cause prematurity meaning their can be prevention.  

I would be forever grateful to you for any donation you could offer our team.  I can promise you it will have great purpose!  Miller will be grateful too. 

Every night when we start our bedtime routine, Miller and I say his night night prayers.  We always make sure to pray for all the babies in the bellies, all the babies in the nurseries and all the babies in the NICUs.  We will never ever ever forget to include that last group of special little ones.  

You can click on the March for Babies button on the top right side of this blog and it will take you to my donation page.  Thank you again so much.  March for Dimes has important goals for our world's future and this is a great example:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Park Junkies and To Do Lists

No better time then after the "Great Monsoon" to blog about the beautiful weather.

We have been park junkies this week. We went, I think, 6 times in 4 days. Miller absolutely loves it and I could certainly use the vitamin D and uv rays on my vampire-esque skin coloring. We met my mom & one of my former Student Council presidents one afternoon at Gulley. Andrew went with us twice this weekend and so did Brooke and Lyla. Sunday we met up with a couple baby besties and sweet Bennett acquired the passion for the slide as well. Ava sunbathed and read, they all had so much fun. Miller would go down the slide 100 times and never get bored. This is the one time though that I wish M was walking now as I have to watch him crawl all over the germ infested ground, it's enough to make a former NICU mom to go into a state of panic...but I refrained.

We also got to enjoy the ball park this weekend with a fun afternoon of calling the hogs at Baum Stadium. I am 100% certain Ribby is the greatest sport of all time, letting our minis climb all over him. I sure hope he gets paid well or gets a good scholarship out of it:)


M's buddy and former Razorback football player,Ben Clevland. Ben is so sweet and loves playing with M any chance he gets. He took M over to sit with him and his friends for a little while.

Thank you Michelle and fam for having us!!

Now, you don't have to read the rest, it's more for my own accountability: spring cleaning.
 I figure if I write it for all to see, maybe I'll try harder to get it done. I'm on SB and besides hanging with M (the most exciting part), I need to get some stuff done to declutter our lives.
My list:
-Clean out closets
-Put up all newborn stuff like swings, walker, exersaucer, etc.
- Clean out my car which is currently in the running for the series premier of Hoarders: Mobile Edition
-Clean my classroom and for goodness sake grade the month old essays I have been pretending don't exist.

Here's hoping...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Yoga Pants are Crying

Besides a couple of Just Dance 3 dance-offs with my hubs and a tennis victory (yes...a 3.0 victory...a miracle for my 2.0 skill self), there has been no gym time in the past couple yoga pants are so sad. These e cards are sooo funny, I swear sometimes I just get on the app to find funny ones for different friends or Andrew.
Lauren and I will be hitting the gym in the morning. Praying for us, FAC and J Lopez to have the strength to make it through. J Lo, preach it to me hermana: "You Can Go Hard or You Can Go Home"
On a lighter note...

I mean really...really...could he be cuter?!

My sweet date to a teacher appreciation dinner. My student's church put on a really nice evening in which this sweet looking face raised straight hell in their Mormon house of worship...banging on the table, spitting strawberries out on the floor, yelling "no no" as the bishop is speaking... I asked the student who invited me if we were embarrassing him, he said no, it made him happy...A+ for that boy!! The kids were asked to come up to the podium and tell why they chose their teacher. James's speech started as "Mrs. Dolan is a really busy teacher, I like her tests but some of her questions are lame like "what classroom is this or what's my baby's name" (cue red face and Miller started clapping), continued with "she really cares about all her kids except Lach who she yells at everyday" (where is a rock to crawl under) but ended with him pulling out this paper out of his pocket and proceeded to tell everyone that "Mrs. Dolan really loves us, in an assignment I wrote some personal stuff and she wrote this on the back (holding my breathe, searching for my Harry Potter invisible cloak and planning my escape route with Miller): ...I'm impressed with your attitude inside and outside the classroom. You are a fabulous person. Thank you for being such a great bulldog." He said it meant so much to him (choke down an ugly cry especially since he is one of the most quiet kids in my room). I am notorious for being a very slow grader of all papers but this reminded me it's okay. I try to write comments on all the kids papers but wasn't sure if they even read them, I'm glad they do.
P.S. In my defense, Lach drives me insanely batty and does the worst impression of me I have ever heard. The boy knows how to press my buttons and I let him win which annoys me more. Secondly in my defense, I do have one or two gimme questions on assessments except in AP. I'm not above a little humor in tests and you would be shocked at how many kids miss those questions. Oh my dear, sweet kids...thanks for another good reason to giggle.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Most Hated

I can readily admit, I haven't been the best about taking care of myself since sweet Miller Andrew entered our world.  I consider it a special day at work if my hair isn't in a ponytail.  Let's be honest, society students have low expectations for their teachers' clothing and general fashion sense so on a day where I let my hair air dry or...brace yourself... dry and straighten my hair, I probably get no less than 10 "Oh Meeess, you look really nice today."  So, so, so very sad!!

So, the one thing I probably do in the realm of "maintaining my looks" is get my nails done once a month (& the only reason this usually occurs is because I enjoy spending some quality time with the besties).  This is what leads to my trophy winning title of "Most Hated".

Back in January or beginning of February, I met up with some of the besties for a mani/pedi appointment.  I walked in and grabbed a nail color for my toes and went to dip my feet in, close my eyes and catch up with the girls.  The person assigned to my chair sat down in front of me while talking on his ear piece, no big deal.  As we were sitting there visiting he asked me what color I picked for my mani.  I told him I had not chosen one yet...insert mega eye rolling and strike one for Allison Dolan.  I felt bad but since I had planned on doing shellac I thought I should pick it after the pedi...wrongo.  This guy gives amazing leg massages and is really good with hands and feet so I want to stay on his good side...

He starts painting my toenails with my fabulous color choice and next thing I know, he slams the bottles and yells "G%^ D*(* I@!  Why did you pick a bottle that was out of color?!" ...strike two.  Thankfully Steph had one of our favorite colors (OPI: My Private Jet) in her purse and whipped it out to save the day.

As you can guess, I struck out five minutes later when we were then in process of putting shellac on my nails and I committed the cardinal sin...I tried to text Andrew back about what Miller needed to eat for dinner...ruined nail...ruined reputation...close to receiving my trophy.

Fast-forward to last Saturday:

Sarah and I ran up to get a desperately needed, last minute appt.  I feared what I knew was inevitable as I know my luck...low and behold who sits down in front of bestie.  I know he is already cussing me in my head.  I am determined be the perfect client which consequently means I turn into a clumsy mess...
I forget to pick my mani color...AGAIN.
I forget to shave my words.
When he puts one of my feet back in the water it splashes his shirt and I assume his ear piece...he jumped back like someone had thrown up all over him (I guess it could be worse), his face looked like he had just been forced to drink month-expired milk, I kid you not.
At this point I am thinking there is no way to recover and I just embrace what is occurring...
When its time to sit down for the manicure, he points to a table a quarter of a mile away from my friend...I still go sit by her because it can't get worse...but it does...I knock over his lamp and cause the uv light used for shellac to become unplugged.

This is when I know I have claimed the ultimate title: Most Hated Client.  I have jotted down a couple of thank yous on my cocktail napkin just in case I won and needed an impromptu acceptance speech:

I would like to thank my mom-brain for not being able to put together coherent thoughts and decision-making skills.  I would like to thank my body for not collaborating with my mom-brain on how to behave in a nail salon, I wouldn't be where I am today without you.  I would like to thank the Man Upstairs for having a sense of humor and teaching me not to take things so seriously.  Last but not least I would like to thank my husband and son.  Miller, its past your naptime, you can celebrate with Mommy when I take the drive of shame home and Andrew, you are my world, I love and appreciate all you do and for loving me: ponytail, sweats, unplucked eyebrows and all.

Sidenote:  When I looked up pictures of nail art, I started gagging slightly.  Nothing grosses me out more than super long nails that have gems, food, &/or Sponge Bob Square pants or other cartoons.  My stomach just isn't strong enough for that.

Happy Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Or things...I should say

Having a Sunday morning camp-in under the cover with M & A! Yes...he is in Christmas least my Christmas lights and garland aren't still shining bright for the whole neighborhood to see. He looks terrified in this pic but I promise he was belly laughing the whole time except when I tried to take his pic of course!

This weather, I hope we really are going to end winter this mildly...again more wardrobe issues...socks and a onesie...we may have to start calling Little Man: Old Man.

Love Potion in Mason jars with vintage straws (regardless of which potion number you received) Happy Couples Shower Emily and Matt

Lily & Laura bracelets from Riffraff and lace blazer from Savior Faire. Both local stores, both extra fabulous! The bracelets benefit a women's organization in Nepal. When you purchase you can tell your husband it's for a good cause and truly it is.

My friends, all so fantastically fantastic. Such a lucky girl!

The hubs...he was past the this point...I was about to get the "shooter" move, a wink and a "love ya"...classic Andrew, love that silly man!

Watching M eat a lemon at Shogun. He kept going back for more, couldn't believe it. He later chose another lemon over an orange.

Looking forward to a busy week with help from my mom and MIL then birthday celebrations for dear friends and all the festivities for NWA Fashion Week, can't wait!! Will have to be on my best game with attire...miracle work will be needed!:)

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