Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Week of Maternity Leave

I can't believe it! Maternity leave is over! Yes, I haven't worked since December 3rd but it has been a whirlwind. I hope my students aren't picking me up off my classroom floor by 6th hour as I have probably not used as much energy as I need to get through one whole day with a bunch of crazed students with senioritous. Things I am excited about: seeing the kids, my colleagues, having a reason to get dressed and take a shower and just being back into a routine. Things I am not excited about: PUMPING AT WORK!!!! This is going to be no bueno! When, where, how...all issues to figure out.

I am really going to miss my sweet baby boy! Andrew is going to take care of him the first week and then we have a lady coming to the house four days a week and my mom on Fridays. I can see how people struggle with working out as I am sure I will just want to rush home and hug on Miller the rest of the day.

Miller had his PT/OT evaluation today and I think he will get a clean bill of health. They said they saw no red flags which my dad had already told me so I feel confident that M will develop very well and that he will just do things a little bit later than others (although some things he is doing ahead of time).

We had our first stuffy nose and after I googled it in the middle of the night (soooo smart of me) I had convinced myself that he had RSV and that we would be hospital-bound. I couldn't go back to sleep and was panicked. I called my dad at 6:00 am ad he talked me off the ledge. He said RSV season was over and that M is now big enough to handle little colds, allergies, etc. I felt so relieved. Later in the day I watched Pregnant in Heels and realized that my kind of crazy doesn't even begin to touch those girls! It is hysterical.

I have had the best time with my tiny and look forward to lots more fun in the sun this summer with him.

Here are some new pics

I don't know why, but this pic cracks me up!
Enjoying our new TCBY

The Boys! What a crew!! Love having friends that are new moms to bounce ideas off of!!