Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Days!

It has been quite a long time since the last time I posted or even read anyone's blog.  Starting school was a little crazy.  We have decided it is really important to condition weeks before so you aren't so tired.  Andrew and I had a great weekend!  We went to see Second City at Walton Art Center on Friday night.  We ate at Hugo's with Emily and Matt before the show.  The four of us spent a lot of time talking about why we love Hugo's so much.  It is such a great Fayetteville staple, it is underground, it is always packed and loud, yet you can hear everything at your table very well.  Plus, their food is always good.  Saturday we met my family's new foreign exchange student, David.  He is very nice.  Andrew and I took the Peterson girls for a walk so Brooke could take a much deserved nap.  Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Sooooooo cute!  
Taking a break on Andrew's shoulders
Lyla was in a trance the entire walk.  She fell asleep.

Today, Ruby, Brooke and I had a girls' tennis outing.  We had a great time.  Although this was only Ruby's first time to play, she very quickly became the teacher.  She kept telling Brooke and I how to play and when we needed to take breaks. Hysterical!
Telling Brooke she just lost.
"Ali! Ali! We are going to have a talk right here.  You need to listen and you are not allowed to go outside of the court.  You are a kid and only the teacher can do that!"
I don't think I was listening...
Bear playing with her new owl dog toy from Ruby
Jake and Matt had an end of the summer party: Hot Summer Days, Hot Summer Night.  We had a great time.  I would have had lots more pictures but my phone died.  Jake and Matt throw great parties.

I promise not to talk about my students too much, but those who know me well, know I love to brag about my kids.  This is going to be a great year at Springdale High School.  I am teaching three sections of AP Gov't, two sections of World History and my new class, Service Learning.  It has gone great so far.  My Service kids have some great ideas, and will begin traveling to Head Start and Jones Elementary in the next couple weeks.  They spent Saturday afternoon playing Bingo at Walnut Grove Retirement Center.  They sent me texts saying how much fun they had.  The picture below is from the first day of school.  Each student wrote their expectations of my class on post-its for three minutes.  The result was really cool.

My classroom
One of the new quotes I painted on my wall.

Another quote

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grayton Beach with the Dolans and Wooldridges

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all have had a good beginning of August.  August is really one of my favorite months of the year because I love back to school shopping, both clothes and school supplies.  Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going with my mom and sisters to pick out clothes (especially the all important first day of school outfit) and clean, shinny new folders, markers, pens, pencils, etc.  I just got home from my final summer trip, vacation in Grayton Beach with my brother and sister in-law, niece and nephew.  We also had Mike's friend David Wooldridge and their family with us.  We had an absolute blast "soaking up the sun" (literally and semi-stalking Sheryl Crow who owns a house a couple doors down from my inlaws on the beach), having dance parties, visiting with Nannnciee, and having delicious meals.  It is sooo good to be home with Andrew and Bear.  I missed them terribly.  Graham, my nephew, asked me everyday where Uncie Andrew was and when he was going to meet us at the beach.  I had to remind Graham his uncle couldn't come because he was at work.  It was weird to be at the beach without Andrew  but we still had lots of fun.  Here are some highlight pictures of the trip.  Have a great week! Wish me luck, as I start back to school this week!  I am very excited to meet my new Bulldogs and make more memories with Bulldogs of the past. Love, Ali

P.S. Andrew and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary on Thursday! My how time flies when you are having fun!

Graham and Andrew at U.S. Pizza prior to the trip.  I love this picture so I had to include it.
Sheryl Crow's house.  She was on the beach and we were walking past her.  I acted like I didn't recognize her but told her her son was super cute.  We had to play cool even though Dawn was giggling the entire time we walked past her.
Dawn, Lindsey and I taking a pic at our bestie's house
These pictures are fuzzy and so was my hair:)  
The whole vacation crew.  Forgot my shoes were on, the ultimate beach pic mistake.
Olivia and I on are last night at Shorty's
This is what a 4 year old looks like after a week at the beach.
Graham and Olivia flying their kites
Bailey and Blake flying their kites in the beautiful sky
Loving our lounge chairs
Olivia's annual air-brushed t-shirt
Our little shark

Sunsations had 5 hats on display showing airbrush.  Oddly enough two of them had Mike and Lindsey's name on them. Fate! I could hardly take the picture because I was laughing so hard.  I wish they would have bought them, even if Lindsey's name was spelled wrong.
Jogging is not my favorite thing to do but with Coldplay in my ear and a setting like this, it is hard to beat.  
David and Graham starting the dance party
Little Miss Sassy!
I don't know why but this picture cracks me up.