Monday, March 29, 2010

Shape's Mantra of the Month

As I was reading Shape this weekend, trying to find the
secret to getting a great body with little effort I came across a great
little paragraph in the "Shape Your Life" section:

Mantra of the Month: "I Want What I Have"
It's perfectly natural to desire more - more clothes, more friends,
more money; it's only human. But obsessing over the things you're
lacking can make you feel dissatisfied. This month take a moment to
acknowledge what you do have - anything from your healthy body, which
can carry your through a six-mile run, to your best friend, who's
really more like a sister. Remember that, while life can always get
better, it's fulfilling to appreciate where you are.

I catch myself wanting, wanting, wanting at every turn.
I am constantly trying to remind myself the difference between want
and need but rarely think about all the things I am so blessed with, including
my not perfect, but perfectly healthy body. I am certainly not an expert
advice giver but thought this was too good to not share. I
hope everyone is having a fabulous week.
Love and hugs,