Friday, August 10, 2012

Top Ten Things I Loved About Summer

In no particular order...

1.  Vacations

2.  Pools & Splash Pads

3.  Popsicles & Snow Cones (and limited time only dipped cones)

4.  Playdates and Lunch Dates (although, I never took any pics at my girls lunches)


5.  Summer Tennis & Summer Running

6.  Sidewalk Chalk & Fingerpaints

7.  Park Concerts

8.  Frequent Occasional Afternoon Naps with the Mini

9.  Running errands in the middle of the day

10. Spending as much time as possible with the two most wonderful boys I know!!

I have truly been blessed with an amazing summer with my family and friends.  Besides the summer Andrew and I started dating, I don't think there has been another summer in my life that has been filled with so much love, joy and some temper tantrums.

I lloovvee my job so I have been really surprised at how much I am struggling with separating from Miller and heading back to the classroom.  I have tried to savor my time with Miller and have really grown accustom to seeing him all day long.  He is such a funny, sweet boy, with lots of personality.  We are both having a tough transition with the end of summer but I know we will both do great once we settle into the new routine.  If you have some space, please add us to your prayer list!  I would greatly appreciate it!

This has been without a doubt the...

Love and Hugs,


Keri said...

What a cute post! I have enjoyed seeing all of your pictures on instagram this summer! It definitely looks like it was a great one!

Jessica said...

Love this post! So cute!